Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Big Surprise!

Our cat, (he had a lot of different names including; Puss, Putty, and Kitty) once a very lively young fellow, was sickly.
He walked in a funny way and didn't eat or drink much.
After a while, when we thought he had hurt his spine by being bumped by a car, we decided that it wasn't very likely he was going to live.
A lot of the time he would disappear and we would find him hiding. He barely came in the house anymore and just yesterday morning, he disappeared.
He was gone, and we didn't see him all that day. We gave up searching.
That afternoon, around 5:00, my Dad came home from work. We all ran out to the car to greet him and he opened the boot. There was a box in there that I didn't notice until I heard a strange noise coming from it.
Dad brought out the box and he had that certain twinkle in the eye and that certain smile and I knew he had something. And then I knew what it was.

"Dad!?" I said. "Is it…?"
And Dad smiled and carried the meowing box up to the house. We went inside and Dad opened the lid and lifted out a lovely tabby kitten.
It was such a surprise!
He wasn't scared of Lou because he had had a dog in the house he'd lived in before. He was an adventurous little guy, and didn't waste time exploring the whole room. He went behind the curtains, under cupboards, and even on the very tops of the couches! 
He's quite mischievous and is always having to be watched. He loves to sleep on your lap and is the cutest little guy I've ever seen! 
We haven't picked out a name for him yet. He's quite contented with Kitty.


Thanks for reading! :D