Sunday, October 4, 2015

Taking photos of a dog, and…..a Columbine!!!

Today I was taking photos of our dog, Lou.
It was hard at first.
"Lou!" I called, camera in hand.
He padded along. "Sit." He sat. "Stay." He stayed.
"Stay there," I said, trying to get a good position, and watching him carefully.
I pushed the button. Flash! There was a photo. 
But Lou wasn't very happy. He wanted to move.
Flash! He turned his head. But that was alright, I was getting good photo's at least.
This is what they looked like.

They worked out but he kept moving his head. But that actually gets better positions, because when he moved his head he turned, and that got a different posture.

Quite a while ago we went to The Diggers Club. I got a Columbine flower. The pictures of it looked quite pretty.
I bought it and Dad and I planted it. Soon after we had to transplant it to another place, because Dad was turning the other place into a herb garden. 
The columbine looked sickly and the leaves started turning orange.
"Dad, my columbine is dying," I told him one morning.
"It will probably get better now that I've planted it in another place," said Dad.
I wasn't so sure.
But as Winter faded away and it started getting warmer, the little columbine started to get healthier. 
It got back it's good old green colour.       
I decided it was probably because when Winter came it faded out, and maybe…maybe it was just normal.
And a little while ago I got a surprise. It had flower buds!
I waited excitedly for them to open. Then, only yesterday, one of them did!
Today they are all open. I hope the sun won't burn it.
Do you have a columbine? 
I hope you enjoyed my post.   :)


They are beautiful! These are a Pink Columbine, there is also a purple one.
Thanks for reading!! :D

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