Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Hairstyle, some Garden Photos, and an Interesting Experiment!

 This morning I decided to do my little sister Anna's hair. 
"What sort of hairstyle do you want today?" I asked her. I had done her hair the day before, and it had worked out. I had done two little piggy-tails on either side and then left the rest of her hair out.
"Two pig-tails on both sides and then one at the back!" said Anna. 
Hmmm…I wondered wether it would look cute or just….weird. 
But to Anna I replied, "Okay. Are you sure?"
"Yep!" said Anna. She picked up the brush and gave it to me. I stared at it for a minute. Then I gained confidence and began brushing. 
"Ow!" said Anna as I finished the first pig-tail. 
 "I'm finished that one," I said. 
Anna smiled. "Now the next one," she said. I gathered up courage (and hair) and tied the hair tie around.
"Two down, one to go," I said. I picked up the hair tie and grabbed the rest of her hair. 
 As gently as possible, I tied the hair tie around with difficulty, as her hair is so short (because of a small accident a long time ago including scissors and her cutting her own hair, now she always wants it short) and I looked at her. She was looking at herself in the mirror and smiling, so I guess she liked it. "How is it?" I asked. 
She turned around. "Good!" she said, and she looked pleased. I let out a sigh of relief. It looked good. 
Not only that. 
It was really cute!

Now for the garden photo's! I took some today and I will be posting some of them but the rest aren't good enough so I'll show you some really nice one's I took the other day.
I 'm very pleased with them.


I didn't like those ones so much, so I will add the good photo's. 
I got some really cool photo's of bees!

Okay, enough of the garden.

After I took those photo's, I asked Anna, "Would you like to do some experimenting?"
"What's experimenting?" asked Anna.
I told her.
Finally she agreed.
We did one experiment (I'm afraid I forgot to take photo's) and that was where we put milk in a plastic plate, ( this was something Dad found on the internet a while ago) and then dripped some food colouring on that, and put some dishwashing liquid on a cotton tip. Then we dipped the cotton tip in the milk, and the colours spread. Of course, you need lot's of different coloured food colouring dripped in there, or it doesn't work very well.
Then I did my own experiment.
I poured oil into a glass (just sunflower oil) and dripped some red food colouring in.
It stayed on top, just little dots, and suddenly, one of them sunk to the middle of the cup. Then another did. We put more drips in, and then mixed it gently. Not too much happened. So then we added water. Then something happened. I'll show you a photo to explain it.


Then we got a cotton tip and soaked one end in milk.
Then we dipped the milk in there and because it was on oil, the milk floated just like the food colouring had!

It was pretty cool. Then we put lots of drips of milk (We even tried to put honey in but it just sunk to the bottom and didn't do anything) and mixed it.
This is what it looked like.

Then I tipped in the rest of the milk and it looked like this!

 This is what the final thing looked like.

It was a valley of bubble-hills!
It was a cool project. We left it to sit for a while, and finally, the last of the bubble-hills popped.
It was a really fun experiment! :)

Do you like to do experiments? 


  1. Gemma,

    Your little sister's hair looks so cute! Sophie always does my hair.

    All your photos are really nice. My favourite is the one of the lavender and the bee!


    1. Thank you, Gemma-Rose! It was a bit hard to take the photos because the bee
      kept moving to another flower, but it was really fun!
      I got your letter! Your cursive is very beautiful but I can't write like that. I may learn sometime.
      I will send you a letter as soon as I can.
      From, Gemma.