Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Visit To The Beach!

Yesterday we went to the beach. It is about an hour's drive from us. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos. :(
It was very fun. We swam for a while. I don't normally play on the beach, but I love to swim! It was very cold in the water. It was supposed to be thirty eight degrees, but it heated up later, not when we were at the beach. While we were there it was about twenty eight degrees. But the cold water didn't bother me! (until I had to get out because I was too cold!)
When we finished our swimming, we walked along the beach a little to get back to the car. We found lots of interesting things on our walk; more things than we've found in one little walk, I think!
We found washed up squid eggs. We found washed up shark egg sacks. And we found a sea sponge and some cool bits of coral. We also found a strange orange thing, and we aren't sure what it is.
We went to the fish and chip shop, but it was too expensive. So Dad said we would get sushi instead. We didn't end up getting that, either, because Dad sort of lost his way and we ended up deciding on fast food. The place that we went to was being renovated, so..we finally made smoked salmon sandwiches. It had been a great day.
Here are some photos of the things I brought back. I'm sorry the one of the shark's egg sack was so bad.

 This is the egg sack. There were a lot of them washed up on the beach.

Thank you for reading! :)

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