Thursday, November 17, 2016

Riddles And Stories!

I like making up stories. Right now I am making one about a little girl who needs to rescue her father, who was put in a prison. I also make up rhyming stories. Those are always short and more like children's stories. I have made up a few poems and riddles, which are rhyming, too. Here is one I wrote today.

I had a dog, his name was Stripe. His favourite foods were beef and tripe.
He was fun and he was good, he would help me, if he could,
With the things that I would do. He liked balls and dog toys too.
One day as I was playing, and all the hens were laying,
My mother called me back, to the house to fetch my pack.
When I came back out, Stripe was having a pout.
"I want to be a tiger," he said. "And sleep upon a forest bed!
I want to have a loud loud roar, and have more stripes; lots lots more!
It's not fair on me, poor Stripe! When I would like to choose my type,
And be a loudly roaring cat. Instead of being like a rat,
So tiny and helpless and well behaved," my poor silly Stripe ranted and raved.
I was cross at his bad behaviour, but I did not let my little voice waver,
As I said, "You silly dog! You are in the fog!"
"I am?" asked Stripe, sitting up.
"Yes you are, you are only a pup!"
And finally he did decide, that he had a very wide,
Range of things to do.
"I'm glad I don't moo," he said. "Or baa.
And I'm glad I can run very far, like a tiger would!
And anyway I could, just be content with dog!
Thank you for getting me out of the fog!"

Well, that's one. I've written so many! Here is another one. It's called Through The Seasons. I am going to self-publish it and try selling it to a library, soon. I'm just drawing the pictures for it.

In January we swim and play, we eat ice-cream too. And when it isn't so very hot I'd like to visit the zoo. I'll see giraffes and tigers, and lions as well. After I go to the zoo, I'll have many stories to tell. In February we go on holiday with Mummy and Daddy. I build sandcastles on the beach, with the help of my sister Maddy. In March I go to the play-ground, and hear the really lovely sound, of a magpie in a tree. When I go down the slide, just hear my very loud, “Wheeeee!”
In April we have lots of fun, playing in the Autumn sun. The leaves are falling on the ground, watch me jump into that mound! May, hip-hip-hooray! It's the month of my birthday! We're eating enormous slices of cake, just see the really big bites I take! It's the first of June today, and we're baking biscuits on a big big tray. They're chocolate chip biscuits, really yummy! I like making them with Mummy. It's very very cold now, for it's the middle of July. We're playing with our dress-ups, with lots of funny outfits, like a big red tie.
August now, and we visit a mountain with lots of snow. We're even making a snowman tomorrow. We'll put a big carrot for his nose and pebbles for his eyes. He'll have three balls of snow for his body, he'll be a very good size.
September now and my sister plays trains with me, and soon I'll help Mum make her tea. The birds have a nest in our tree, I hope soon they have chicks that I can see!
October is a lovely month full of sun and flowers. The garden is very nice, for we've been having lots of showers. Today we're having a picnic in the park. Somewhere not far off, I can hear the call of a lark. November is here, and with it a baby brother! He looks quite a lot like my lovely mother. We're trying to think of a name for him, we're thinking that maybe his name shall be Tim.
Now it is December, and Christmas is today! We lay the baby Jesus in the rough
yellow hay. Lots of presents lie around the tree, there are quite a few that are just for me! What a year! We've had Christmas and birthdays, and even a baby brother! It's been such a lovely year, I just can't wait for another!

I might fix that one up a little.
Here are some riddles I have made up, too. The answers are at the bottom of the page. There are actually a couple of answers that fit for the first one.

1. It is a home, but very funny. It cannot be bought for any money. 
It is warm but very dirty. It can be home to over thirty. 
Babies huddle close together, never fearing of the weather.

2. Blue waves with white foam, very very far from home. 
    There is not a beach to be seen, never ever any green. (as in greenish water)

Thanks for reading! :)

1. Rabbit burrow, rat hole.

2. Sky.


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  2. Great work. I really like your rhymes. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Well done Gemma. Keep up the good work 😊

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    1. Thanks! I really like writing them! 😊