Friday, September 11, 2015

My Party

As my tenth birthday is on the 13th, we had a party on Friday, two days before my birthday.
My mum and I stayed up late making toffee-apples for the people at the party.
Then we wrapped them and went to bed, very excited.

The next day, we got all ready and set off. The party was going to be at Altona, so we had to drive. 
When we got there, none of the people were there.
We waited for a long time, and finally the first family arrived. 
I got a few presents as two more families came, and then we were ready for the games.

First we had an egg and spoon race. Luckily no eggs broke! My team won. Then we played sneaky ninjas. 
After that we ate some food and then played at the park. 
We played for a long time and then I gave the toffee-apples to everyone and we all went home. 
Now I am excited. My birthday is tomorrow! I can't wait. :D

Do you have a birthday coming up?

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